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This pre-order exclusive bundle gives you one of each of the initial releases for this brand new game and represents a great saving against purchasing individually. You’ll receive 30 regiments (15 each for the Union and the Confederacy) – that’s 3000 men! Plus 30 cannons and 30 mounted officers! You’ll also receive some splendid MDF scenery to dress your battlefield. The Gettysburg set is especially epic, truly making for a battlefield centerpiece to maneuver your regiments around.

Additionally, you’ll also receive the Glory Hallelujah! Black Powder supplement signed by the author. This book describes the history, armies, key leaders, doctrine and tactics of the American Civil War, and includes a comprehensive set of army lists and optional rules for recreating the battles of that war in miniature.

Full Contents:

  • Union army – 15 regiments, 15 cannon & 15 mounted commanders in blue plastic (12 from the core 2-player set + 3 from an additional brigade box!)
  • Confederate army – 15 regiments, 15 cannon & 15 mounted commanders in grey plastic (12 from the core 2-player set + 3 from an additional brigade box!)
  • Green plastic bases for all figures
  • A5 Black Powder rulebook
  • 32-page American Civil war background and scenario booklet
  • Flags sheet
  • MDF Dutch-style barn x 2
  • MDF Houses x 2
  • MDF Seminary Building (Gettysburg)
  • MDF Gatehouse (Gettysburg)
  • MDF snake fences
  • Six D6 dice
  • Glory Hallelujah supplement

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted



The American Civil War or 1861-65 was a war of truly epic scale, eclipsing all previous conflicts in North America. Huge armies, enormous logistical operations and massive battles.

Tactics in the war were still largely linear with regiments frequently firing all their ammunition and having to be relieved by a second wave of troops in support passing through their lines.
Artillery had become yet more frightening, ranging from roundshot, canister, and shell, whilst cavalry no longer dominates the battlefield but are primarily used for scouting.

It would be impossible to offer a 28mm starter set to players that contained enough to wage such epic battles, yet with our new range, we can fill your starter set with 2,400 men, 24 guns and 24 mounted commanders (That’s 24 regiments!) as well as all the bases and bits you need to learn to play the game, along with some beautiful, smaller-scale MDF scenery to boot!

Black Powder – Epic Battles is based on our award-winning black powder rules, with additional period-flavor tweaks and scenarios, designed to make Epic Battles – American Civil War the perfect place to get started with games set in this fascinating period of military history.

Core Game Contents

Our Smallest Announcement Yet!

New Plastics, New Starter Set, Updated Black Powder Game Rules. Introducing the all-new Starter Set for the wargaming in the Black Powder – American Civil War era, featuring over 2,400 troops in 15mm scale (each man stands 13.5mm foot to – mid eye level), in completely new, easy to assemble plastics.

The Black Powder Epic Battles starter set allows you to build two forces of enormous scale, with relative ease.

We wanted bigger, better & more scenic war waged on our table-top and have taken a first in Warlord Games’ history by taking a step away from 28mm miniatures!

If you want to get a better idea of what we have in store with this starter set and future releases, check out the videos on this page, or browse the articles written by our talented rules writers.

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